Hi, I’m Alvis.

I am a Senior Software Design Engineer at Exvision, Tokyo, Japan. I specialize in applying computer vision and machine learning to real-world problems. My most recent works include developing a lite 120 FPS motion recognition system (EGS Motion), high speed real-time 500 FPS object tracking system and 3D object rotation estimation from high FPS image sequences, a deep learning-based system for the detection of defects currently used by one of Japan’s big manufacturing company. I also have some experience implementing classical machine learning methods as well as deep learning models on the Myriad X platform.

I received my Master’s degree on March 2016 from The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo, Japan. I studied as a member of Prof. Masatoshi Ishikawa. I received my undergraduate degree from the Faculty of  Computer Science, The University of Indonesia, Indonesia.  

Check out some of my past projects here and publications here