Abdullah Tracker (Initial Idea)

I am looking for a fun project for entertaining my son. I have always wanted to make a simple interactive program for him to play with. I thought it would be a good motivation for him to love studying. One thing that comes to my mind is to create a simple tracker program which will automatically track his position where it will react whenever he moves. I am thinking maybe we can create a simple character which will follow him wherever he goes.

I will divide this project into several stages. To be honest, I don’t have a complete plan for what I will do. However, I have a rough plan as follows:

  1. Build a head/face detection system
    1. Concept
    2. Code
  2. Build a face recognition system
  3. Build 3D object position tracker
  4. Build 3D interactive character
  5. Bring the character into real world
  6. Give it some actions!

For now I just want to write my plan into words. I will write next post for the first step which is to build a face detection system.

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